Cycle V Thursday 8/18/22

Today Rebeckah Price will be live with a meditation session. 


This challenge is a little different, as you will have the option of which workout you want to complete. Just like Tuesday, If it has been a while since you’ve moved then you may want to choose option 1 and if you consider yourself a FitMommi then choose option 2. Option 2 earns you more points.

*You will only get credit for 1 option*

As you know, we’ve partnered with Nike (M) on this challenge and we are excited to explore their (M)ove Like a Mother series TOGETHER!! Today’s warm up is the Nike (M)ove Like a Mother Backside Strength Workout, a 10 min warmup before your 2 option leg day workout.


You can find this workout by


Nike (M)ove Like a Mother Workout – 10 Points 

I completed the NTC Backside Strength Workout(Required)
Max. file size: 50 MB.


Remember, go at your own pace and have fun!

Option 1 – 10 Points

I completed option 1 workout


Option 2 – 15 Points

I completed option 2 workout




Lets Gooooooooo!!!