Week 3 Cardio Challenge

It’s week 3 and we are more than half way to the finish line. Today is going to challenge you!


Today we’re doing a fun treadmill challenge!

If you don’t have a treadmill, that’s ok! You’ll have 3 alternative options below. But if you have a treadmill or can gain access to one we recommend the treadmill workout.


Treadmill Challenge: 

Speed – 3 to 4

5 mins – incline 0  5 mins – Incline 12

6 Rounds



If you have access to a track/stadium, walk the track for 5 mins then the stadium stairs for 5 mins for 6 rounds

If you’re walking outdoors find a hill and go up and down the hill 10 times

No treadmill or if the weather is not conducive to an outdoor workout?

We’re going for burpees! – 10 burpees x 1 min rest x 5 rounds


Week 3 Tuesday Workout