Fit Mommi Challenge Finale Survey

Now that we’ve completed the challenge we want to check in with you on your progress. Please complete the survey below. Mommi we are so proud of you. If nothing changed physically, we know that amazing things changed for you mentally. You completed 14 days of an intense fitness challenge! You have begun a new […]

Cycle V Thursday 8/25/22

Here’s the last pre-recorded workout of this cycle! Just like Tuesday, If it has been a while since you’ve moved then you may want to choose option 1 and if you consider yourself a FitMommi then choose option 2. Option 2 earns you more points.   As you know, we’ve partnered with Nike (M) on […]

Cycle V Tuesday 8/23/22

Today Destiny Aja will be live at 11:11am Est with a meditation session.    As you know by now, this challenge has been a little different from prior challenges. Once again, you have the option of which workout you want to complete. If it has been a while since you’ve moved then you may want […]

Week 2 Affirmations

The Fit Mommi Challenge is focused on your overall fitness. We want to get fit physically, mentally, and spiritually. Your weekly affirmations are focused on your mental fitness. Listen to this video and daily and repeat the affirmations to yourself.