Meet our Cycle 7 Fit Mommi Challenge Instructor Qui2Health!

Quianna Camper (Qui2Health) is a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Quianna’s journey with fitness began long before she became a social media influencer.

Formally trained in dance, Quianna began dancing at a young age and continued this passion well into adulthood. While she’s always maintained a relationship with fitness and the gym, in 2012 faced with adversity in her personal life, fitness became her escape. Quianna used a difficult time as a catalyst to dedicate herself unabashedly to finding herself. The gym became her therapy- a place where she could strengthen her body, while also strengthening her mind.


Though working relentlessly to perfect her craft and refine her body, something was still missing from Quianna’s life. Her pursuit of self-love motivated her to realize her ultimate purpose: helping others to also become the best versions of themselves. This desire to help others drove Quianna to re-center her focus- obtain a certification in personal training and take classes focusing on global health. This foundation developed into the birth of her brand, Qui2Health Fitness.

As a trainer, Quianna develops the whole person- mind and body, by focusing on building confidence. Determined to empower her clients on their journeys to a healthier lifestyle, Quianna envisioned a safe space that would allow her clients work on their bodies and their mental, simultaneously. That vision became a reality when in 2020 Quianna opened a members only training facility, Rehab by Qui, where members are considered family, and are connected by health, strength, and most importantly love!

As her brand Qui2Health grows, Quianna continues to focus on what originally motivated her to start working out- self-love. That focus motivated her to launch Therapy by Qui, a clothing line that allows people to feel good about themselves, wherever they are in their journey.

Highlighting the connection between fitness and loving yourself unconditionally, Quianna works to ensure that every aspect of the Qui2Health brand embodies her slogan “if mentally you want it, physically it’ll show!”