How do they work? How do you get them? We’re here to answer all of your questions.

This year we are taking the emphasis off of points and focusing more on displayed engagement. Opposed to prior challenges where different activities ranged in points, this year, each activity earns you only 1 point. Why the change? We understand how intimidating the points system can be and we do not want anything to discourage you from focusing on your health inside and out. The points this year will help YOU to track your workouts and hold YOURSELF accountable. So, continue to check in everyday and complete your daily activities, but when selecting weekly and overall winners, we will focus on those who tag us, join the workouts, invite other Mommies, post their progress, etc.

Each activity earns you 1 POINT!

Each day you will head to, navigate to daily check-ins and healthy recipes to log your points. There will also be opportunities to earn additional points, just navigate to “extra credit” to see the possibilities. Each task will earn you 1 point. Answer the questions and once you hit submit, you will earn a point.



We offer 2 live workouts led by the Qui2Health all challenge long.

We encourage you to make dietary adjustments, challenge you to get centered mentally and encourage you to connect with new mommi friends.

By posting your progress in your stories daily along with your accomplishments, you position yourself to win more prizes.

The more we see you working hard the more likely you will win!