Week 4 Cardio Challenge

It’s week 4 and we can see the finish line. We’re going to run our treadmill challenge back Today and again, it is going to challenge you!   Today we’re doing a fun treadmill challenge! If you don’t have a treadmill, that’s ok! You’ll have 3 alternative options below. But if you have a treadmill […]

Week 4 Affirmations

The Fit Mommi Challenge is focused on your overall fitness. We want to get fit physically, mentally, and spiritually. Your weekly affirmations are focused on your mental fitness. Listen to this video and daily and repeat the affirmations to yourself.      

Healthy Breakfast Options

SEVEN HEALTHY BREAKFAST OPTIONS Source: Healthline 1. EGGS Eggs are undeniably healthy and delicious. Eggs are also very versatile. For example, hard-boiled eggs make a great portable breakfast that can be prepared ahead of time.Eggs are high in protein and several important nutrients. They also promote fullness and help you eat fewer calories.   2. GREEK […]