Cycle V Tuesday 8/16/22

Today Destiny Aja will be live at 11:11am Est with a meditation session. 


This challenge is a little different, as you will have the option of which workout you want to complete. If it has been a while since you’ve moved then you may want to choose option 1 and if you are more at an intermediate or expert stage then choose option 2. Either option you choose we want you to give it your all!!



As you know, we’ve partnered with Nike (M) on this challenge and we are excited to explore their (M)ove Like a Mother series TOGETHER!! Today’s warm up is the Nike (M)ove Like a Mother calming flow. Right after your warm up, select option 1 or option 2 to complete. The more difficult option (2) will earn you five more points. 


You can find this workout by

Nike (M)ove Like a Mother Workout – 10 Points 

I completed the NTC Calming Flow(Required)

Max. file size: 50 MB.


Remember, go at your own pace and have fun!

Option 1 – 10 Points

I completed option 1 workout

Option 2 – 15 Points


I completed option 2 workout