5K Run!!

TODAY IS THE DAY!! This cycle we are so excited to focus on running! We’ve been building our strength, endurance and speed to prepare for our 5K run today both virtually and at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA. Friendly reminder, the MommiNation badge for the 5K run will be available on the NRC app as […]

Fit Mommi Challenge Finale Survey

Now that we’ve completed the challenge we want to check in with you on your progress. Please complete the survey below. Mommi we are so proud of you. If nothing changed physically, we know that amazing things changed for you mentally. You completed 30+ days of an intense fitness challenge! You have begun a new […]

Week 4 Cardio Challenge

It’s week 4 and we can see the finish line. We’re going to run our treadmill challenge back Today and again, it is going to challenge you!   Today we’re doing a fun treadmill challenge! If you don’t have a treadmill, that’s ok! You’ll have 3 alternative options below. But if you have a treadmill […]

Week 4 Affirmations

The Fit Mommi Challenge is focused on your overall fitness. We want to get fit physically, mentally, and spiritually. Your weekly affirmations are focused on your mental fitness. Listen to this video and daily and repeat the affirmations to yourself.